Wednesday, 7 March 2012


When EA Games released The Simpsons: Tapped Out, they wasn't planning on it being so popular it seems. The Farmville style game was downloaded by thousands and earned a place in the top 5 free apps. With this came issues as many users couldn't even connect to the game and were seeing this lovely rascal pictured below.

Horror!!! I was one of the lucky ones to grab a copy before they removed it off the app store and they have released in app updates so we lucky few can play joyfully as we build up our Springfield towns. Like most Zynga/Facebook/crap games, doing this takes time, unless you pull you wallet out and throw it into the faces of EA. You'll paying upto £69.99 for 2400 doughnuts that'll speed up the process of your characters doing jobs, your houses being build and even buying items you aren't ranked high enough to buy yet. If your not minted like they seem to think we are you can buy 12 doughnuts for £1.49 which won't really get you an awful lot to be honest. 

Well it's back to the drawing board for EA because until they discover why their servers can't handle so many users they'll just have to rip off the other users lucky enough to snatch a copy before crashgate. Woops!! It's like MW3 release day all over again!